Digital Media Artist


Besides my professional career, I have an academic life as well. I am a Ph.D. Student at Art and Design Department in AUT University of Auckland. My Ph.D. is a practice-led program and will end up to a movie plus dissertation.

My current lines of studies include identity and memory, mobile interactive educational toolkits, cognitive and language studies, media theories and digital animation studies. I have been an animation artist for 15 years and wrote on various titles like on the technology and theory of digital media, designing animation production pipelines, performance capture using motion capture technology and film theory.

Academic Positions

Feb 2016- now                          Part-time lecturer in Digital Design Department, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand

Sep 2009- Sep 2011                 Part-time lecturer in Cinema Dept. and Lecturer in Visual Communication Dept. at Azad University of Bushehr

Sep 2006- Sep 2009                Part-time lecturer in Film and Animation College at University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran


Research Interests              Creative Writing, Art and Design Theories, Animation and Visual Effects, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Psychology

                                                      Interactive Mobile Environments, Media and Communication Studies, Pedagogy and EducationTeaching Experiences:


2015 – now                                teaching below courses in Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

Digital Design Studio I, II and III – Intro to 3D Animation

2009 – 2011                              teaching below courses in Azad University of Bushehr, Iran:

Digital Film Lab – Digital Visual Effects – Color Theory – Sound Mixing and Editing I and II – Intro to CGI Animation

2006 – 2009                              teaching below courses in University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran, Iran:

Film Editing I and II – Communication Theories – Animation Production I and II – Cinematography I

Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development

2016-2017                                  The Transition of the Self: A Creative Inquiry into Identity Theories in a Narrative Short Film. AUT University – A practice-led research for my PhD studies under supervision of Professor Welby Ings.

2014                                           Educational Use of Functional Elements in Designing Tablet Based Interactive E-Books and Its Application in Word Learning in Young Children – Koc University – Submitted to American Journal of Education.

 2014                                          Mobile Interactive Digital Storytelling for Preschool Children – Koc University – Submitted to Educational Technology Research and Development.

 2014                                             The Story that the Heart Tells for Children: Interactive Storytelling and Computational Algorithms of Blood Flow – Koc University – Submitted to Interaction Design and Children 2014.

014                                                 Interview with Abbas Kiarostami, a chapter of the book “Film on Faultline” edited by Alan Wright – will be published by Intellect Ltd in June 2015

 2012                                             Motion Pictures, New Media and Philosophy of Science: Toward Authentic Scientific Theorizing for Motion Pictures – a personal survey on “Context of Discovery” and “Context of Justification” in the area of motion picture and how it may relate to philosophy of science.

2008                                             Aesthetics and Semiotics of Computer Generated Visual Effects in the Works of Denis Muren (Master’s Thesis Submitted in for   M.A. Degree in , University College of Fine Arts) – Tehran University.

2006                                             Evaluations of Global Institutions and Economic Conditions, Questionnaire and Methodology – BBC World Service Poll and International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland

2006                                             Global Poll Finds Diverse Economic Perceptions – BBC World Service Poll and International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland – accomplished by PARS Advanced Research Scholars.